On Wednesday, the price of both 93 and 95 unleaded petrol will rise by 59c a litre, while diesel will fall by between R1.52 and R1.57 a litre.  In Gauteng, 95 petrol will cost R23.46 a litre from Wednesday, compared to R20.29 a year ago – but down from a peak of R26.74 in July. The Gauteng price of diesel, which reached a new record high (R25.49) in October, will fall to R23.92 a litre. A year ago, Gauteng’s diesel price stood at around R17.93 per litre. Illuminating paraffin will fall by 57c a litre on Wednesday, the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy announced. Local fuel costs depend on global oil prices and the rand/dollar exchange rate, as oil is priced in the US currency. The rand strengthened from an average of R18.11/$ in October to R17.43 in November, while the average Brent oil price fell from $90.79 to $88.77 per barrel.